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Why Online Tutoring?

Research studies have shown that the availability of regular, on-demand tutoring increases students' course pass rates. Students with access to reliable tutoring report higher grades. Studies also show that freshmen who went for tutoring regularly showed higher persistence rates and higher likelihood of being in good academic standing. Another study shows that tutoring frequency improves outcomes: students who got tutoring at least 10 times per semester achieved a higher GPA than those who went for tutoring less than 10 times per semester or not at all. These benefits apply across disciplines, including the core courses of math, science, and writing.
Highly-qualified tutors with deep knowledge of their subject matter and training in the best practices in teaching, tutoring, and online instruction can provide effective intervention in the learning process. Students benefit from tutors' subject matter expertise through techniques designed to scaffold student learning. Tutors guide students through important concepts, rather than simply giving them the answers. In the process, research has found, students not only learn subject-specific concepts, but they also build academic skills they need to be successful in achieving their educational goals.
Online tutoring has the advantage of availability when students need and are ready for it. We know from research that learning opportunities proffered when students are most receptive create the best academic outcomes. Moreover, non-traditional students benefit from online tutoring, which provides support when they need it, leaving them free to attend to family and work obligation during the hours that traditional tutoring centers are available. For all students, having one-on-one tutoring support available as they're preparing for tests, writing papers, or working on homework has been shown to be academically beneficial.
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