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Pearson Tutor Services seeks feedback from students after every tutoring session. Reproduced below are actual unedited feedback we have received from students.
He was very straight to the point unlike most tutors. He has helped me in all my Math topics and I really did appreciate every second of it.
Student, 11th Grade, Math
Very nice, understanding and hard working. Will definitely be returning for more help. Thanks.
Student, 11th Grade, Math
This tutor was amazing. She helped me with my 1 problem & made sure I understood the concept by giving me another problem
Student, 10th Grade, Math
This tutor helped me so much. Half of the stuff she taught me I had no idea of. I would love to work with this tutor again
Student, 7th Grade, Geometry
This was an amazing experience as a first time user. My tutor helped me more than I thought. The whiteboard is a great way to connect. Great program overall.
Student, 9th Grade, Math
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