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Pearson Tutor Services tutors are qualified and seasoned educators in their respective fields; they have relevant experience in helping students of all ages to achieve their academic goals. All tutors go through a rigorous selection process and are specifically trained to provide tutoring online.

All Pearson Tutor Services tutors are evaluated for quality and consistency on an ongoing basis by a team of lead tutors and the academic leadership.

Ms. Usha, Math Tutor

Usha holds a Bachelor's degree in Math and has extensive teaching experience. She has been an online tutor for three years prior to which she taught High School Math for 7 years. Usha has over 3000 tutoring sessions to her credit.

Ms. Blessy, Integrated Science Tutor

Blessy Saiju specializes in Physics. She holds a Masters in Science and an additional degree in education. Blessy has seven years of teaching and two years of tutoring experience. As an experienced and talented teacher in secondary education.

Mr. Arvind, Physics Tutor

Arvind is a highly experienced teacher with a Master's in Physics. He worked with various education publishing companies for 15 years before he found his true calling in teaching. He has presented & abstracted over 12 papers on Physics in Different Journals. He has also authored text books and study guides on Physics.

Ms. Atreyi, Integrated Science Tutor

Atrei holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, and she is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Chemistry. An accomplished Chemistry student, she won the "Best Essay" award at the National seminar and published her work in COBRE during her graduation.
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