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Online live one-on-one tutoring provides support for improving your child's academic performance

Every child has a unique learning style. Recognizing each child's type early will bring confidence and academic success. While many school teachers may focus on identifying your child's interests and attitudes, they may not be able to provide the day-to-day attention your child needs to build true academic confidence. Consider the two situations that could result:
A child's understanding and application of one particular subject is good, but less so with other subjects. Perhaps the child is reluctant to ask the teacher for help when the class seems to have moved on. The student, uncomfortable with the subject, may not even attempt to complete the homework. This further reinforces the child's lack of confidence of the child in that subject, and the child begins to lose interest in learning the subject.
Or, a child may do well in all subjects, but feel 'bored' because they already know what is being taught to them. These children will need to be engaged unless someone works with them on new applications of concepts they have learned or allows them to progress to the next higher grade of the curriculum.
In either of these situations, you, as a parent, may see that help is needed and want to provide that help. Your lack of familiarity with the learning process or concepts may prevent you.
A qualified academic tutor can help in both these situations by offering individual attention to your child's learning needs. Tutoring provides the child with an opportunity to ask questions and clarify concepts in a low-pressure environment, questions they may not have the courage to ask in class. A good tutor can also draw up learning goals and chart out strategies to help the child either catch up or stay ahead of the class.
Unfortunately, traditional tutoring often means spending time commuting, being present at home and working out schedules. Not a very convenient solution. This is where the online live one-on-one tutoring from Pearson Tutor Services comes to your help. Now, right from the convenience of your home, using an Internet connection and a computer, your child can connect to a qualified tutor almost instantly! Our helpful, friendly and qualified tutor will help identify your child's most pressing needs and create a personalized one on one tutoring program. In a safe environment, your child can seek clarification on anything that confuses them, get help with homework assignments, and prepare for an upcoming test. Research shows that that individualized, one-on-one tutoring is one of the most effective means for increasing student achievement. Online tutoring is the most convenient, effective and affordable method.

  • Get help from experts when you need it, even at midnight.
  • Don't waste time driving or searching the internet.
  • Receive One-on-one attention, with a focus on your unique needs.
  • Succeed with expert online academic tutoring support.

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