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How do I get additional hours of tutoring?

You can click on the "Get more hours" tab from the dashboard and select the appropriate product as per your needs.

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What times are your tutoring services available?

Tutoring service hours vary based on the program


Hours of Service

  English Paper Review   24 Hours, 7 days a week
  Higher Ed Math   24 Hours, 7 days a week
  Information Technology     2 PM - 2 AM EST, Monday - Friday
  6 PM - 2 AM EST, Sunday
  K12   3 PM - 2 AM EST, 7 days a week
  Homeschool   12 noon - 2 AM EST, 7 days a week  

*Closures on holidays will be notified in advance.

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Can I review my previous session/s?

We do offer this feature to all our students in case they want to come back and review their sessions or share the same with their friends or relatives.

You can click on, "Previous Session" link. This is available to the right hand side of the window where you take a Connect Now Session.

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Will tutors help me with my assignments/projects?

Our tutors can assist you with your assignment or project-work in a tutoring session.

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How can I connect to a tutor?

Please refer to the window on your, 'My Account' page, which displays various subjects. Please select the appropriate subject and click on, "Connect Now" corresponding to the topic that you need help.

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Nothing happens when I click on Connect Now.

Please ensure you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser. Your Adobe Flash player might be outdated / corrupt. Please uninstall and reinstall the same from the Adobe website. The link to download Flash Player is as follows:

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What are the system requirements to use our service?

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac, Linux

Browser: Internet Explorer 7/8, Firefox 3.0+, Chrome and Safari

Internet: Connection: Minimum 256 kbps or above

Outbound Port to be opened: 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS/XMPP)

Memory: At least 256 MB RAM and a Pentium 3 or faster processor

Few browser related points that you will need to remember:

Cookies: Allow

JavaScript: Enable

Flash Player: Flash Version 9.0.28 or Higher

Collaboration port 443: Open

Pop-ups: Allow

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What is the minimum amount of time required to take a session?

Minimum amount of time required to take a Connnect Now session is 10 minutes.

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