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Education Team

The academic team is the foundation of our service and they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in delivering Online Tutoring. This team is responsible for defining tutor qualifications, tutor training and internal certification and ensuring our quality of tutoring.

Meet Our Academic Team Leads: -

Christa Ehmann Powers, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President and Chief Education Officer

Christa received her Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies from Oxford University, England in 2003. She received her Masters of Science in Teaching, Learning and Teacher Development, also from Oxford University, in 1995. Christa's research was funded in part by the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals of the Universities of the United Kingdom.

Both Christa's Masters and doctoral research explore one-to-one tutoring and supplemental instruction at tertiary institutions in the US and the UK as well as the institutional factors influencing the implementation and facilitation of such programs. She has written, presented, and published papers on face-to-face and online instruction, learning support, and training and professional development of instructors and tutors.
Kirk Benningfield, Ph.D.
Vice President, Education Operations

Kirk brings sixteen years of college-level teaching and tutoring experience in mathematics. He has taught college algebra, finite math, business calculus, math for education majors, and linear algebra at the University of Houston.

Before joining us, he was an assistant professor of mathematics at McNeese State University, where his courses included the calculus sequence and differential equations. He also initiated the use of Maple into the math curriculum and received grants to establish a computer classroom.

For the past eight years Kirk has been a faculty consultant for the Educational Testing Service, serving as a reader and table leader for AP®** Calculus scoring. He has also conducted seminars for coaches of Math-Counts, a forum for junior high 'mathletes' to compete while improving their math skills.

Kirk received his Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics from the University of Houston in 1996 and his Masters of Science in Mathematics from the University of Houston in 1993. His research interest is topological semigroups. He has two publications in the Semigroup Forum, a Springer-Verlag journal.
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